I Feel Like An Adult

So I have said a few times recently that for me, this year (32) is a year of brand new things.  I am aware of beginnings(Did I say that? Or did I just think it?)

It's the first time I've had a coffee maker in my office.  

Well, wait, it is the first time I have had an office outside of my home.

I've also made my first friend as an adult.  And this is weird right?  Most people have friends, I think.  But if you work for yourself as much as I have and then have kids, you don't really have a lot of meeting people time.  

Since moving back to Providence I feel like so many doors are opening for me.  And in really healthy ways.  

I feel very fulfilled.  My kids are thriving (despite the long winter), my stress level is low (despite the craziness that is life due to moving my home and my business), my husband has lots of work and is happy (despite the fact that his desk is in the currently unheated basement), and lost importantly, I have a friend. Who lives down the street and has kids just my kids' ages.  So, like, we have everything in common (ish). 

But you know what the best part is? 

Not feeling so incredibly alone.  And to me that equals BEING HEARD.

Incredibly simple, yet incredibly empowering.  

So, I am going to add another word to this years word list: Community.

It is not always what/who you think.

We need each other, people.

Because when it is 8PM and I am already in bed, but stuffing chocolates into my mouth, it is far better to know that she is doing it too.

See?  Check out slide 4: