I Am Getting Discouraged, Can You Relate?

I am discouraged today.  Can you relate?  

There is not enough time in the day and I am working so damn hard.  I am juggling.  I am fighting the good fight. 

I even asked for help and said "no" more.  That's what I'm meant to do right?  

We all get discouraged. But, the thing is, it DOESN'T mean that we are doing something wrong.

Can you see my ass?  You mother fucking cannot, because I have worked it off.  

Between being a landlord, being a mother, running Wear Your Music, paying my household bills, being a friend, doing wifely things, being present for my clients, marketing myself, blogging, taking classes, trying to eat cook and eat good food, texting with my bffs, scheduling everyone, and sleeping...well, I am empty and discouraged and rat raced.  The rat is fucking winning folks.  But only today.

Tomorrow, I promise to:

  • Take a deep breath before my eyes open.
  • Say thank you to the universe for a brand new day.
  • Count my blessings, out loud, to my kids.
  • Kiss my husband more than once.
  • Realize I am winning.  No matter how discouraged I feel.