So This Redhead Marries This Girl

So this redhead marries this girl. . . 

She is darker- skinned and brown-haired and he hopes that his kids won't inherit the "curse."

By that, he means the ability to sunburn if he even looks out the window.

Well, he's my husband.  And we did indeed make two babies and. . .Did it work?

The first one we've tested a bit.  And she will survive.  She may appear fair, but she has those yellow undertones that means she has yet to burn.  Still, part of that is because I slather her with sunscreen.  I went all EWG and tried some of least horrendous.  (My husband, having been slathered his whole life, hates sunscreen of any type.  All he will use is bullfrog gel.  I won't let my kids near that stuff.  But with hubs, well, I choose my battles.  And make him carry his own sunscreen.)

For the rest of us (me, my daughter and my son) we get one tube. 

There is NO WAY everyone gets their own sunscreen.  

Too much crap in my bag/stroller/car/purse.

Here is what we have tried:

1) Badger Balm - Um, it smells like peanut butter?  No.  Just, no.  Next.

2) California Baby - Love it.  But $22 bucks a tube?  One tube a week in the fucking way is this "sustainable." At least not for my wallet.

3) That cheaper pink option everyone likes.  BabyGanics? I don't know.  It was crap.  Like completely useless, shaving cream consistency crap.  And literally NO sun protection.

4) Then, Block Island Organics said HEY!  Try our stuff!  And I was like: "Wait, my family lives on Block Island!"   Worth a shot. Maybe it is a sign.  Maybe I can find something that works and doesn't leave me for poor.  

And...the results are in and it is good! We've tried Block Island Organics in the bright, strong spring sun and NO BURNS!  Not even on the little dude!  It is unscented, which is great.  And i can spread it all over my kids' faces with no streaks!  

This summer we test kid two.  Will he have the redhead curse?  Or will he be soooo protected by Block Island Organics that we won't be able to tell?

So, in order to SPREAD the LOVE.  Block Island Organics is giving my

sun-warrior readers

a coupon code good today thru 5/12.  Go forth my flock.  Buy sunscreen.  Use code hannah at check out.  And show them some love on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

And now.  Me and my kids and my sunscreen are going to go sit our butts in the yard. Protected.