Every Fu*%$ing Day: On Routine

They say the greats have routines to declutter their brains.  This way their decisions are limited and ALL of the brain power goes to creative endeavors.  Read this about Proust, Faulkner, Tchaikovksy and more.

Who the fuck is that committed?  The same thing for breakfast EVERY DAMN DAY? Boring. The same clothes EVERY DAMN DAY (oops, I think my mom did this when she had a 9-5). 

What's your routine?  Do you have one?  Do you think about one?  

What's mine, you say? Touché.

Here goes:

I don't have one. (Right now)

I am serious.

I have likes and dislikes.  

I have days I am in Woonsocket and days I am in Providence.

I have things on my schedule and DAMN long to do lists.

My kids have schedules.  My husband has a schedule. 

Not I.  

I am just ROLLING WITH IT.  (Click To Tweet)

There are certain things that remain to ground me though.  Certain I-cannot-live-withouts. 

  • A bra. Every damn day.  I don't feel dressed without one.  Yoga pants, on the other hand, totally count as clothes.
  • Coffee.  I switched to decaf.  It is placebo and I know it and I don't give a shit. 
  • Eggs.  I need to have them EVERY DAY.  Any time of day counts.  But eggs I must have.
  • I will not eat leftover supper as breakfast.  In fact, though I will eat breakfast foods at any time and anywhere, I flatly refuse to eat a supper-resembling food until after 11AM.
  • I can work ANYWHERE.  I don't need quiet or a certain pen.  
  • I like my desk to be clean and clear.  Also my desktop.  It frees the mind.

What are your "must haves?"

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