One Hundred and Eighty Degree Turn - Country Mouse/City Mouse

Okay, so remember how I said I bought some land in the woods and was building a house?   And I was going to have a big garden and a big freezer and my dogs and kids were going to run around and get dirty and do tick checks?  Well, hmm that was ONE vision...

Then last week we found a house in the city (Providence) for the right price – and we put in an offer.  So now we are going to envision ourselves as urban.  Walking my kids to the playground, driving less, not needing two cars, getting culture, socializing.

How is it possible that we (the infamous hubs and I) can want these two polar opposites? How can we be country mice and city mice?  Don't we have to choose?  Aren't we crazy to switch tracks in ONE WEEK?  Is this irresponsible?  Impulsive?  

 I usually won't even  go to the grocery store without planning, is this my version of spontaneity?  Was just   having a baby not enough?

Well, I tend to reflect upon my decisions by how they make me feel.  And this house makes me feel like a ROCKSTAR.  Seriously, the weight of building (yes, totally and awesome project that WILL happen at some point)  is OFF me.  You mean, this house is FINISHED and I can MOVE RIGHT in?  Oh my beautiful deity, whoever you are, thank you thank you.  

<Insert IMMENSE gratitude here>

So, it's 180 and this isn't twister.  Its a turn towards simplicity, ease, and the creation of space.  I want time to love my kids, I want time to build my business, time to write, time to love my husband, time to grow.  So don't judge my speed, commend my values instead.  And keep your fingers crossed we get yet another mortgage.

When we do, come over for dinner, won't you? 

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