A Financial Business Guidance and Accountability Group

“I am sitting on my bed surrounded by a small pile of papers, procrastinating writing the checks for my first 2019 estimated tax payments.  This is the real deal muck of me and the details around money, numbers, financial institutions, and taxes. I have already texted my friend, and all things numbers support person, hannah garrison, three times. It is just easier when I don’t feel alone and she is good at being the number person. to me it feels like she knows all the things, she understands that I don’t, and she is kind and approachable about both of these facts.” - Robin



What if we gather together? What if we learn, and make time, and feel overwhelmed, and ask questions, and fumble, and get clearer - together? There are many courses out there these days about your relationship, or feelings towards money - but we don’t see a lot of space for nuts and bolts learning. How do I do the things on quickbooks? What can I expense? What kind of accounts do I need?

So, we are inviting you to join us in a small group experience, a circle of women, who gather for a live, virtual, call once a month. On this call we will go over how to engage with our money, earnings, expenses, profit and loss, and other tax prep on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. We will listen to Hannah teach the basics, we will ask our questions, and we will be a space for gentle accountability on figuring it out - so that we can move towards feeling safe and confident in our relationship with all things dollars and details. We will also have a series of virtual office hours, within which we can ask follow up questions as they arise, vent our overwhelm, confess our shortcomings, or otherwise ask for some support. 




  • Attendance is virtual, you need only have an internet connection to participate.

  • Our virtual zoom calls will be the first Monday of each month for about 90 minutes. This call will be themed group and individual work. It will be tailored to the group and cover things like: Earnings, expenses, profit and loss, balance sheets, business vs personal, setting up/maintaining accounts and tax prep. We will also address big picture questions about financial stability, profit margin, growth potential and more. Sound scary? Yep, we got you.

  • Sessions will be recorded in case you miss any portion - you can also submit questions ahead of time. We are creating a body of work that you will have on going access to, as well as a team to hold you to making this progress.

  • This group will include weekly office hours via group message – a chance for you to get the follow up you need. Submit your q’s ahead of time or during office hours. This content will be available to you ongoing if you can’t make the specific time slot.

  • Monthly cost is $75. Quarterly pricing (recommended) is $200. Annual pricing is $750. We strongly recommend quarterly participation at a minimum – there is both learning, and implementation and management, and this process takes time.

  • Additional materials may include worksheets, group notes, videos and accountability partners.

  • Please note: There are no programs or accounts that you are required to use for this. We will make various suggestions at times, but there are no pre-requisites.




  • After reserving your spot by paying via the PayPal button above Hannah will reach out to schedule a one-on-one private intake session with you.

  • Our monthly live virtual calls will be the first Monday of each month from 11-12:30 EST.

  • Office hours by group text will be every other Monday from 12-1PM EST. These details will be made available during the first call.

  • You can take advantages of discounted rate on 1:1 sessions with Hannah or Robin throughout the time you are enrolled in the course

  • Keep working and know that you’ve got plan to tackle the next big changes!


Contact hannah <at> or robin <at>






Hannah’s roll is to guide and instruct the circle in all things money. She will serve as our big-sister-with-all-the-answers, our leader and connector to all things “system.” In addition, Hannah will be our de facto CFO – nudging you along to ask the questions that will move your business forward. See more about Hannah here.

“Hannah has helped us define our goals, work through client issues, retroactively lay some of the groundwork of our business we never had time to do, and, maybe most importantly, accept that things are sometimes just what they are. We are always amazed at how she can turn every session into exactly the thing we needed on that particular day. She has the ability and sense to work at what is important in the now, while keeping long term goals in sight.” — Heidi & Renee, Gold Collective




For this circle, Robin will be both participant and space holder, gently setting and supporting the safety and magic of the small group container. Robin can also provide any extra support needed around locating patterning and establishing practices to support integration or sustainability. See more about Robin here.

From the first session, it was clear that working with Robin was the answer to a prayer that I almost dared not make. She sees so effortlessly into the hidden corners of the mind, and leads the dance that reveals the strengths and unravels the follies. I have deep abiding gratitude for our work together—it’s been utterly transformative. – Lisa R.