Hannah Garrison is a Providence, RI based entrepreneur.  She is the Creative Director of  Wear Your Music, an online retailer of guitar string bracelets, and the Founder of Calm A Mama, a natural supplement company.  

Her up-and-coming projects include: OMstack –a mindfulness-based jewelry start-up, KindaOK – an inspirational platform for entrepreneurs and PVD CBD – a cannabis consulting business.

Garrison also offers mentoring and coaching to other women in business. She's the mama of two rambunctious kids and makes granola to die for. She has one excellent pair of red pants and a boot collection she polishes herself.  



Wear Your Music is a music merchandise company that strives to hit all the right notes: Music, Sustainability, Fashion & Charity.  Working with guitar strings donated by acclaimed musicians, WYM fabricates bracelets that are recycled, gorgeous, unisex and with profits donated to charity.  The company believes that today's musical icons have the potential to shape the people of tomorrow. The utilitarian design of the WYM line is unmatched in the industry.

See more at www.wearyourmusic.com.


Founded in 2015, Calm A Mama is a values-driven, family-focused natural supplement company.  The first line, Calm A Mama tincture drops, are USDA organic and now sold in Whole Foods Market. The gentle herbal support is specifically formulated for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in infants.  Intended for use by the  whole family & made from the highest quality organic ingredients. Calm A Mama products  are unique, there is nothing like them on the market.

See more at www.calm-a-mama.com.


A consulting business serving both individuals and companies who are interested in the medicinal and legal component of Cannabis, CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound, which allows for use and relief anytime, without side effects or impairment. CBD has been studied and shown to have incredible medicinal benefits for hundreds of known ailments, both physical and mental. Both individuals and businesses can benefit from the new and improving science around CBD.

See more wt www.pvdcbd.com.