Moving to Sea-Level and Getting a Job

I must confess, I am feeling guilty and a bit irresponsible for not being better at communicating on this trip. For example, my best friend is living about half an hour from where we are right now. And I didn't email her until yesterday, which was three days after we arrived. I think the road must be getting to me. Transitions have usurped my ability to deal rationally with the people around me who actually function according to watches and schedules and the like. But tomorrow we head to the coast and after not too long, I hope, we will be somewhat settled...well, at least in one town for more than three days. Looking forward to getting settled, we did go look at dogs at the San Miguel SPA. We found some cute ones, Chris having an affinity to anything part Pitt (thoughts Angelina?). But we were just looking. We'll wait till we get house etc. On the subject of houses, we need to know who is thinking about coming and when, I mean, should we rent a mansion with a pool? I just don't know. Please forward your tentative schedules to my secretary. I will have them compiled and will have her get back to you with available times, pertinent information, and real estate options. Thank You.