Beep Beep, Zip, POW!

Here's the story I'm tellin' to the judge (and it's true):

My husband and I just recently relocated to Providence from NYC. The first few weeks that we were here, we borrowed my father's car (he lives on Block Island), so that we would each have a car. The morning of February 7th we took our cat for it's yearly shots at 9AM. At about 10:30 we drove home from the vet, dropped the cat off at our apartment, and had a quick bite to eat at home. Then, at approximately 11:30 we drove downtown to the social security office so that I could drop of the papers to have my name changed legally. I was driving the car and Chris was in the passenger seat. I couldn't find on-the-street parking, so because I was only running in and out of the building I pulled in, next to the curb, between a parked car and the corner. Chris remained in the passenger seat while I went inside. About five minutes later, a female police officer on foot yelled through the closed windows, "You can't park there!" Chris complied, exited the passenger side door, walked around the car, and got into the driver's seat. He started the car and pulled out. He then drove around the block, and upon returning to the Federal Building (in which the SS office is located), I was out front. He stopped and I got into the passenger seat and Chris drove us home. On February 23rd, we left on a business trip. We returned to Providence on March 17th. Two days after our return, on March 19th, I received a phone call from my father who was calling to inform me that he had received a summons for an unpaid parking ticket.

I was surprised. In the short time that we were using his car, February 1st to February 23rd, I had never received a parking ticket. Chris had only driven the car one time, and that was the aforementioned return trip from the SS office, and I had been in the car with him. After hanging up the phone I turned to my planner to look for the date of the ticket. In my planner I had noted my visit to the vet and the social security office. Chris and I then sat down and discussed his interaction with the police officer. Both of us were, and still are shocked.

First, the ticket that we received is for parking within 25 feet of the corner. However, we were not parked, we were standing, and there is no notice posted that prohibits that.

Second, when the police officer asked Chris to move, he complied.

Third, we never received an actual parking ticket.

SO....on Thursday morning, I am going to play lawyer.