The New AZU Promo Text

Here is the text from the new AZU one sheet, it explains a bit about my company.

So I need feedback. Is it too much? Over the top? Or just right?



The treasures of the earth have their own music—the cool resonance of silver on skin, the fiery notes of opal, turquoise blues. AZU’s collections—from classic rocks and golden oldies to stone raves and heavy metals—mean fine designer jewelry in sterling, platinum and gold, not recycled bottlecap jewelry. But AZU has that doing-something-good-for-the-planet aura, because we make jewelry you can feel good about wearing, buying or selling. At AZU, we have our own golden rule: Take from the earth, but give back, too.

AZU is environmentally responsible—using recycled products for printing and packaging.

AZU is socially responsible—a portion of every purchase is donated to charity.

AZU is locally responsible—whenever possible hiring local businesses that have, as we do, sustainable practices.

AZU is ethically responsible—Our philosophy requires knowledge of provenance. Because we mine some of our own stones and have them cut by people we trust, we avoid moral problems presented by the conflict-diamond mongers of the world. We research the sources of all of our materials—gems, precious metals—to insure that AZU is environmentally, socially, locally and ethically responsible.

Whether you buy AZU, sell AZU, give AZU or wear AZU, you are investing in sexy sustainability. And as a small but growing company, we're open to advice. Suggest a charity, suggest a printer, suggest a stone. We want to be the AZU you want to wear.

So tread lightly—and wear a big rock.