The Things We Find

So, days later we have been mining and mining and having meetings and meetings.
We have found some great things and met some great people. We have also been amassing a great collection of photographs of totally wild church look forward to those, I will post them all together.
In other news, we are all still getting along, the truck is running like a champ, and we are having a grand old time, despite the tornado watch for this afternoon and evening.

To date, we have found ruby, emerald, amethyst, citrine, tourmaline, sapphire, aventurine, sodalite, rutilated quartz and various calcites. We have some great pieces and I can't wait to get back and create a whole new collection with beautiful gemstones! We miss you all and wish you were all riding in the cab of the truck with us.

Will post images soon! The connection her is too slow to upload!