Has it Been a Week Already?

I swear, the excitement still has not worn off yet. A big thanks goes to my bro-in-law, who not only told me about the type of manufacturing I needed, but also emailed me a link to a whole list of companies that do that sort of thang. Without him, these bracelets could not have been possible. At lease, not for as little money. And on the note of money, a big shot out to China too, thanks for the cheap labor!

In other news of this past week:
-Chris shot the solar panels on the roof of Whole Foods for a company called "Sun Edison" out in Cali. Silly name, but they are paying clients. The temp here hit 90 that day. Way to plan, Chris!
-I wrote an extremely nasty email to our property management company, about the vent that is outside our window. And finally got some action. I am so the best tenant!
-The cat threw up a hairball and I so did not want to clean it up (see, totally not ready for kids)
-I painted my nails black
-My grandfather turned 96 and one of my cousins turned 2.

Well that about wraps it up for this week, folks. I hope your lives are as jam packed as ours.