The Flowers of Spring

Inspired by a blog sent to me by my sister-in-law (see it here) I too am posting some pictures of the flowers and buds of spring. A peony about to pop, Chris' clematis and my "study in red" which features a red stool we found on the side of the street, a red rusty pitcher, a gerber daisy and a creeping purslane. I am pleased to say all these can actually be found in our little yard! It is coming together slowly but surely, give us five years and we'll be sure to have a city/jungle oasis.
Just so you know, we are on the look out for all sorts of pots, or things that can be made into pots. Old watering can and buckets that I can drill holes in would be perfect. Anything destructed or abandoned that is NOT plastic would be swell. These can be collected for the next five years, so no pressure! Thanks!!