So Much, So Little

Back from the island of Block. Major finishing of the storefront so it can be ready for the Martial Arts Dude to open his doors. Today The Momma Bear left at 7 AM and I walked the dog. The Chris finished retouching pictures from a shoot while I primed and painted trim. Then there was more walking the dog. Then The Momma Bear's tire blew out. Then I fought with the the floor guy and made him reduce his price. Then Chris installed a thermostat. The the toilet in the storefront was leaking. Then we called the plumber to come on Monday (new, local plumber, we'll see). Then I got a last minute call from a client who needs 40 pieces by next week. Then I started production on said pieces. Then there was the arguing about laying the carpet. The there was the learning how to lay carpet. Then there was the laying of the carpet. More on that tomorrow. Then there was the case of the mis-hung hinges. The case remains until tomorrow. There was also lots of vacuuming. Then the client came to pick up the disk of the retouched images. Then the dog got into our room and peed on the bed. Then washed the comforter. Then I tried to dry it. The drying will continue throughout the night. Now there is the preheating of the oven for the pizza and then there will be the pizza eating, the cleaning up of the kitchen, the unloading of the diswasher, the starting of the tumbler, the walking of the dog and the brushing of the teeth and the going to bed. I am sure I skipped a few things.

Just in case you wondered what we were up to today...