In The Beginning

In the beginning there was only darkness. Oh, wait, no, stop. We can't have a biblical beginning...

They came two by two by two by two. Oh wait...erase. Not the damn Ark either (though 'tis raining).

On a dark and stormy night.....Nope, that's not how it starts at all.

Actually, as fate would have it, we did not begin our journey today at all. First we chased the DMV, then the car battery died (while we were inside at the DMV), then we had to get our emissions tested, and then drive back to NYC from CT to FINISH PACKING. Uggh.

One day down....Only two bottles of dry gas and one jump later...and a (still) broken rear window.

On the bright side, our car is legal. And I say "our" very specifically because we are JOINT owners of said vehicle. That's right. You heard it here first. Apparently what this means is that I have to actually participate in the driving and maintenance portions of our trip. Drats. I thought I could get away riding shotgun all the way to Mexico. Sigh.

So tomorrow it is...we think. Check back to see what goes wrong tomorrow.

Will they make it?
The jury is out, but the bets are still rolling in. Place yours today! Will they make it?