Harry Potter

OHMYGOD. So last night we watched a bootleg copy of the new Harry Potter movie....

Now, within the first half hour of the movie Professor Moody shows his Defense of the Dark Arts class three different spells. And upon what creature does he perform such spells??

On a *%$#&^& CANCLE (pronounced: kan klei) !!!!! (ie Tailess Whip Scorpion)

So all eight of us (yes, we all live together) freakin' start screaming and miss the next ten minutes of the movie.

"What the fuck is that?"
"Holy shit...A CANCLE!"
"No waay."
"What the fuck is that doing in Harry Potter?"
"No they didn't!"
"But...I don't understand!!!"
"Do they know?"
"Fuckers stole the idea from my damn blog!"
"I think I just soiled myself."
"No. No. No. No. No."
"What the fuck?"
"Who told them?"
"How'd they know?"
"Why didn't anyone tell us about this?"
"Whaaat the fuuuck?"

The moral of the story is:

There is a cancle in the new Harry Potter. And no one told us about it. And we have no idea how they even knew cancles existed. Except for this blog. So, word is...movie producers are checking out the blog for new concepts. Or someone sold us out. Damn. We're good.

Watch the movie....see the bug.