The Overall

1) We heard today that NYC might be having a transit strike, like, no subways. Hmmm, the world really does crumble in our absence.

2) My best friend is visiting, and another good friend arrives in four days. And he is bringing a care package from America!!!! Products, YES!

3) Last night was Obsidian's sixth Birthday, and we had a rockin' house party. And met very interesting people (is this the right word??? One might also use "weird" to further illustrate).

4) Chris found an awesome scuba connection.

5) We are going to camp out for the next week or so with our friends.

6) We are still planning to take over the world...but the outline is getting fuzzier.

7) Cancles are still real. And we have not begun breeding them. Yet.

I know this all seems thrilling to you. But, We feel it is important to keep everyone up to date.

Thanks for listening!