Pre-Party Sleep Deprivation

The party's everyone decides to go to sleep early last night in preparation for the long haul. I, for one, work today from three until the party, then party all night and morning, and then back to work from three to ten tomorrow. Oye, such is the plan. Child care is in place, the feather bed is in the back of the car for naps, fuel has been bought for fire spinning, eyeliner has been sharpened....etc.

There is only one slight glitch. No one could sleep last night. Everyone had nightmares. I had six. My mother even dreamt that I left my fiance at the alter to marry a friend....Then realized I had done wrong and found my abandoned betrothed and mother drinking in a bar, with none other that Paris Hilton. I myself dreamt that my mother was cleaning up after our engagement party and threw herself out the window with the couch. Wedding anxiety anyone??

How perfect that the party tonight is, indeed, an engagement party. It is on a golf course...The directions read from two different ends of town. One set has you enter at the "lion gate", the other, on the "tiger side." Apparently, the golf course (owned by the Escobar Estate, mind you) is also something of a live zoo. Hope no one on acid decided they are really lion tamers...

I also hope no one gets killed. Which is also a very real possibility. See, the money from the party is actually being spend in Mexico so that it is not found. Let us just say that we are the guests of 75 Bikers from Canada. Multiply that by over twenty tattoos each. And how many prison sentences at a guess?

Anyway, pre-party prep is on in the casa...and I am at the shop, making some last pesos to throw into the effort.