We're Home and We're Okay (or will be)

I can't even begin to explain. Let's just say Momma Kris nailed phase one with the electric reference...and then there were three more phases lasting a day longer than we expected. We also got lost, went to a castle, wore purple jumpsuits, forgot what planet we lived on, hailed the fan, saw a sleeping tiger, wore bindis, danced like mad people, swam in a pool, walked past three friends from Boston, left the kid to his grandad, had an amazing time, and we're not quite back yet.

There are immense stories to be told, and many pictures to revel in. There are nine people at the house, and we only spent 20 dollars in howevermany hours we were gone for. I am at work, though the store remained closed yesterday, as our return was not as prompt as we had supposed. We all know each other a whole lot better, and we promise to relay the high points.

We didn't do anything ya'll wouldn't have done.

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