Flying Sola

I don't have any pictures to post. And I don't have the ability to speak. So writing will have to do.

This is my fourth day of silence, I lost my voice and still have not found it. The people whom I speak to most are not around, which is convenient. The boys are still in Mexico City, and Flor has left for the Gem Show in Tucson, Arizona.

I am flying sola.

I moved back in to my house, and began the cleaning endeavor, which I am sure will continue for many days now. I washed the car too. It pretty much looks like I now have a new car. Though it is still broken. Fixable and functional, but broken, none-the-less.

It has occurred to me how much more you can get done if you just don't open your mouth...I, of all people, could learn something from this experience!