Love Notes & Chocolate Covered Strawberries:: How to plan your second quarter as a balanced and engaged businesswoman.


I hate that 2014 (so last year) is still lingering with all those taxes and shit.  I wish it didn't eat the first quarter of this year.   But it did eat it.

Now is it Q2 and that = time to get my shit together.


Newsflash little bunny:


(Why do we treat our own businesses as second class citizens? )

I am all about BALANCE.  I like a little trick with my treat.
I mix intense business planning with pleasure and love notes. IT WORKS.

Some of you will need more planning and some of you are going to need more loving – so get your sharpies ready and go forth.

    The planning bit:

    • There ain't  no magic.  You  ACTUALLY have to do it.  No one is going to make you.  Unless you are my client or in one of my groups.  Then I'll make you.
    • This quarter is APRIL, MAY and JUNE.  So download this and then write those months in the handy month boxes.
    • This worksheet makes you think about each month in the quarter from a LONG VIEW.  It's not for your dentist appointment or for your to-do list. 
    • Write the month.  The choose a PERSONAL theme.  Then write three BIZ GOALS.  (Optional is to break them down by weeks) .  Also, pick a word for the month to keep you GROUNDED and FOCUSED. 

    Don't know what the hell I am talking about? 

    PRINT THIS and it will all be clear.  
    Yeah, ALL of it.

    The love note bit:

    • For each month that you set goals, write yourself a love note. 
    • Seal it shut.
    • Open it when you need it.
    • You are your own best lover.

    Don't skimp on the celebration.  It's time to make chocolate covered strawberries.

    • wash your berries and make sure they are bone dry and room temperature.
    • melt chocolate chips incrementally in microwave (stir between small bursts of heat) or with a double boiler.
    • dunk berries and place on parchment or wax paper to set in fridge.
    • eat at room temp.


    Hannah Garrison