You are welcome to UNPLUG

In two days 40 people will embark with me to explore the boundaries we do (or don't) have with technology.

We call it UNPLUG 2014.  But is is not just about unplugging.  It is about intentionally creating more space and time in our lives.  Reduce the busy.

Why online?  Why in a group?


There is something about doing this together – something that makes me certain I'll show up. Power in numbers. 

I'm at war with myself.  This constant connection.

This text message, instant message, social media driven pace.

This nothing-happens-unless-there-is-photographic-evidence.  

This, my-business-suffers-if-I-don't-show-up, here, online.

This no-one-talks-about-it-anymore-but-it-used-to-be-big-news the relationship between my cell phone and cancer.

This who am without it.

This which we have no idea how to navigate.  

It is all so new.  So fast.  #wevenevereverlivedlikethisbefore

I don't understand it.  And neither do you.  But we both know, the boundaries move, and we nudge them and shift ourselves and play with these edges.

  • Can you wait in line without your phone?  
  • Can you make it through a walk?
  • A meal?  
  • Do you text while you drive? (Yes, a stoplight is still driving.)  
  • What about a day without your phone?  
  • What does that bring up for you?

I'll tell you what, it fucks me.  Entirely.  

Behind at work, feeling disconnected, anxious.  That's why I am here.

What about you?  Why are you joining me?

Not signed up yet?  Do it HERE.

Supply Ideas.  These are supportive ideas ONLY.  

There is nothing you NEED to be successful that you don't already have.

  1. Something to scribble in.  I just bought one of these journals.
  2. Water bottle.  I have one of these I use to set my intentions. 
  3. Flower essences.  I often make my own, but I really love these.
  4. Something cozy to wrap and support you.  I love bamboo scarves.

I invite you to comment below.  Why are you here?  

I'll begin.