Things That Are (Good, Shitty, Neither, Etc)

1.  I tried dying eggs like a damn hippy.  

With turmeric and coffee and natural stuff.  I am an idiot.  It takes waaaaay too long for a three year old (fridge, overnight, puh-lease).  It also stained my marble.  And looked like crap. So, I then miked up some water and vinegar with some lovely food coloring.  And guess what?  They look awesome.  Pin this picture.  Suck it up.  Make me a Pinterest mom because I kicked these easter eggs in the caboose.

2.  I have been DEEP DEEP DEEP in planning for this AMAZE-BALLS workshop on Block Island this fall.  I simply cannot wait to workshop with epic women, eat beautiful food, sit by the fireplace, and grow my business and build on my dreams.  

3.  I taught my assistant about this FREE photo editing site.  She almost lost her shit.  It's fun.  It's free.  It splashes things with awesomeness without photoshop.

4.  My favorite tree now has leaves.  Thank goodness spring might finally arrive in earnest.