So, I Want To Talk About The Word COACH

To make things simple, there is therapy, there is consulting and there is coaching.  I want to talk a bit about the differences.  And yes, and yes, I am OVER-SIMPLIFYING.  For sure. I am over-simplifying.  So don't get pissed.  I am OVER-FUCKING-SIMPLIFYING.

Therapy:  Comes from the perspective of there being something WRONG with you.  There is something within you that you are trying to address, trying to fix.  There is a LACK.  Furthermore, your therapist is NOT YOUR FRIEND.  You will never be friends.  You will never know much about them.  One way street.  Your issues, their solutions.  (Don't get your panties in a bunch, I know it is not that simple).  But you are broken, in some way and this professional is there to fix you.  I am NOT a therapist, got it?

Consulting.  So a consultant is a know-it-all.  With regard to what they are consulting about, they are a specialist.  They know and you don't and they will SCHOOL your ass about this particular thing (that's not you).  What I provide involves some consulting.  I am very knowledgeable about certain things.  If and when we come across those things I will say something like, "I am going to put my consulting hat on now."  I say that so you'll know I am about to get realllllly bossy.

Coaching.  I used to HATE the word coaching with a passion.  It sounded too wishy-washy.  I didn't understand that it was a QUALIFIABLE skill set.  There were too many people calling themselves coaches without any training or method.  I was angry to be a part of this pot.  But, that was my SHIT to deal with.  And dealt with it I did.  So now, I am here to tell you that as a coach I am beside and a little behind you.  I have a learned, practiced and certified skill set.  I have a lot of different tools I use to help you 1) CLARIFY where you are going and 2) HELP you get there.  As a coach I believe you are whole person.  I believe that you have strengths and weaknesses and shit to sift through and sort out.  I create a SAFE space for you to process and move through change.  I become your friend in the process.  I will share myself with you as it comes up.  I know that sometimes magic happens when you are not working on something alone.  

I am in cahoots with you; your partner in crime.  I've got your back.  You aren't alone.

And I've worked with coaches before and I've worked with therapist before and I've worked with consultants before.  And they look different and it FEELS different and it IS different. And each have an amazing place in the world of helpers.  Coaching is the place that is mine. It is the place where I land again and again.  The place where I listen.  The place where I create space for your dreams to twist and turn and become reality. The place where I use my skills AND my intuition.  A place where the questions and answers move you out of the swirling blender and into forward motion.  

Now more than ever I believe in coaches.  I believe that we will succeed if we are doing the work we are meant to do.  The world will be better for it.  We need people who truly love something to be doing that something.  I'll meet you in

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