An Admission:: UNSURE.

When I set out on this most recent blogging endeavor I knew I was A) late to the game, B) jumping on a bandwagon and C) somewhat confused.  But I did it anyway.  

Because I wanted to.

I am a

clarity coach.

 I help people answer questions and pick apart problems and grow better from this work.  I consult mostly with business people, but also with moms and other creative folks.  A lot of them have blogs.  I read a lot of blogs.  I real a lot of material in general.  For me, it is a part of my work.  But that's just how I crafted it.  

I crafted my work, my life, my world around the things I love to do.   

Sit at my desk on a rainy morning while my son sleeps and my daughter plays. Think about drinking tea.  

Leave the tea unmade and write. 

But the admission I am haltingly bringing about is that I am unsure about this writing I am doing here.  Unsure about how public it is.  Unsure that the hundreds of people that read what I write really need to be spending their time reading it.  Unsure that I should be contributing to the vast about of information out there in the world.  Unsure that I should be sitting here instead of playing with my kids, or getting a "real" job.   Unsure if this is going to lead to money, or if it is for my soul.  Unsure if it is a business or a hobby.  Just plain unsure.  And guess what?  

That is just fucking fine.

All that matters is that I note the uncertainty.  That I rest with is and turn it over and then LET IT GO. Maybe tomorrow I'll be certain.  And then at some point I'll be certain again. Work with your uncertainty , allow it.  Trust that it is okay.  And if you want to, leave me a comment below and remind me that you are reading, and that you are uncertain too.  

We all want to feel a little less alone.