I've Never Lived in a House Before

Really.  A friend pointed this out and gosh darn it, it's true.

 I've always been apartment bound.

I grew up in NYC. I am Eloise, only, not quite at all.  My growing up apartment, where my mom still lives, is a rented two bedroom - about 1300 square feet.  It's on the fifteenth floor. 

Here, today, at the new house I stepped out ONE step and was outside.  It was so nice out that I stepped back in, grabbed my phone, my keys, my water and my kids and went to the playground.  I was there in less than 5 minutes.

 I didn't even bring my purse.

 No wallet, no snacks.  This is awesome.  

Houses are cool.  

Not driving is cool. So far so good.

Join me in the hood?