Overwhelmed by the Internet

Sometimes the Internet is like that. Omnipresent.  Addictive.

Pesky addictions.  

Recently, coming down off being busy as hell, I cannot jet down.  Everything is rushed.  Nothing feels really, really, really, really good.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  My family is healthy, I found a great new home for one of my dogs, and what looms on the horizon is glimmering and golden.  

But the Internet is like an overly crowed subway car and I just cannot stop staring at the see-through white pants and black thong in front of me.

Fuck me I am tired and stuck online.  

From blog posts to cool tools to home renovations to laundry sorting bins research to articles.

There is just TOO much information.

How can there be so much I want to read?   EVERY.SINGLE.DAY 

Frozen bubbles?  How to clean my cookies sheets? Vaccine controversy?

Seriously, shouldn't it get boring?  Shouldn't there be no more new ideas?  Shouldn't I be doing something MORE IMPORTANT?  

And here I am, contributing to all of that.  Another drop in the bucket.  Another voice in the choir.  Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr.  Platform after platform.  SO MUCH CONTENT. 

Today I choose: Will I shout loudly or will I whisper?