He/She Said (I Did)


He said my tits were too saggy. (I took off my shirt, looked in the mirror and cried).

I became more beautiful.

She said I would never make enough money. ( I sat up tall and wrote a business plan, and then another).

I became more wealthy.

She said he was too good for the likes of me.  (I married him eight years ago and built our life together).

I became love.

He said I would never be able to have children. (I walked away slowly, exhausted by lonely).

I became pregnant, twice.


And I say (I speak this to you, for me):  

Believe in truth.  

Have deep belief in truth and righteousness and you will #becomegreatness.


she said I love you mama.

he said you've built and amazing company.

he said there need to be more people doing what you are doing. 

she said within 20 minutes I was calm and present.

she said you maintain it with all that life throws at you.

she said this is made for you

she said well, you make a rad pancake

she said you are the best at monies!

she said your bomb-ass post just made me lol

she said this is complete and total love.

she said Hannah, just amazing.

she said you are complete and total love.

she said this is so healing

she said just wow.

she said you are wildly creative and I love this

she said beautiful

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