Organization - 2 Things to Do TODAY to Start Your Week Off Right

I've moved both my home and my business in the past three months. Which is to say:  the shit of seven people is taking over my life. 

And yet, I THRIVE.  One of the main reasons is my penchant for the organized. I love to reach for something and have it be there.

I mean this is big ways (reaching for support, having it be there) and I mean this in simple ways (reaching for a paperclip, having it be there).  

When I can't find something or I have to struggle it makes my life HARD

I want to thrive.  I want flow.  I want ease.  

Some shit in life is just HARD.  So to allow those hard things their space, I need my space to be easy.  Hence, organization

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Here are two easy things you can bring into your life, starting today, that will create space, ease, and flow (things that everyone wants more of):

  1. Clean off your computer's desktop and only keep open the browser taps you are currently working on.   Have you tried to read 5 books at once?  It is too confusing.  Be kind to your brain.   When you are working on your computer, don't allow clutter to accumulate.  A clean desktop means a better workflow and less distractions.  Start today.  Sure, ten thousand tabs might have gotten opened, but you can just as easily close them.  If the stuff is that important, you'll find it again, I promise.  Go forth, close tabs, clean desktops, be happy.
  2. It's Monday ya'll.  Where's your weekly to do list? Spend some time at the beginning or end of each week plotting what's ahead.  If you get all down on paper then it won't be floating around in your head trying to not be forgotten.  Find a system that works for you.  But WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN.  I don't know one truly successful person who keeps it all in their head.  Get your goals clear.