March. This Month is for Finishing Things

This the the month that comes RIGHT before new beginnings.  It's like every muscle in your body is ready for that fresh start and you are so coiled and pent up and ready, lusting, ready lusting. 

We are not there yet, folks.  

There are ends to tie up before we unfurl and start those raised beds in the yard.  (I can't stop thinking about buying seeds orstarting them though).

My windows are open sometimes to let the air and the light in.  To start to move the blood around, to begin to stir the winter cobwebs. The earliest signs of spring are emerging all around us (a game my daughter and I play each seasonal shift is to spot these changes).

But, yet, it is not quite time to transition. 

About that unfinished business... What's yours? (Click to Tweet).

So, I hunker down and before spring comes I write a March list. I call it:  "I Still Have To"

I Still Have To:

  • Make one more soup that requires my care, attention and stirring.  That nourishes me deeply, like only soup in winter can.
  • Sit in front of my friend's fireplace and listen to it crackle and have to move away because my skin feels taught with the heat of it.
  • Bring out the shoe polish and the wax to clean and buff my many pairs of brown boots. Taking care.
  • Finish my taxes and write the checks and move the files to the basement. 
  • Sew the batting down on the quilt I began when I was in early labor with my son and it was August.

Only then can I step, wholly, into the transition of spring.  I want to emerge.  But before I move on, there's some completion to be done.

Go, finish what you started before beginning anew.