Things That Are Good, Neither or Really Shitty

This week, THESE pants.  Umm, yes please.  Clothes are starting to interest me again.  Almost time to bust out the sewing machine.  Wrap shirts are in my nearish (remember, I am not allowed to start anything new quite yet) future.

One of the reasons why is those damn TODDLERS. Here are 25 things about those beings who are "just realizing they are fallen gods."

And finally, the MOST inspiring person I watched on the internet this week was THIS homeschooled kid.  He thinks we should learn to practice being happy and heathy along with learning to make a living.  I agree!!! Why schools don't teach life skills I will never understand.  

Also, we are planning an exclusive weekend session on Block Island this October – spend the weekend workshopping your business dreams and goals, breathing the ocean air, eating amazing food prepared just for you, practicing yoga for prosperity and learning mindfulness skills.  Leave refreshed, motivated, and ready to soar.  Send an email to find out more.