Plan Your Tomorrow, Do It Today

Don't let your emotions wildly change your course of action.  Right? Like, if I wake up in a confused and shitty ass mood, should I let it define my day?  Can I get a "Hell No"? 

I mean, yes, emotions are important.  Taking time for yourself is important. But for right now, bear with me.  Forward motion is important and achieving the goals you set for yourself is important.  

So don't let your day get all caught up in your shit. (Click HERE to Tweet)

At least not when you've got business to attend to!

Before you leave the office/stop working/ go to sleep make a list of three things that ABSOLUTELY MUST GET DONE TOMORROW.  Leave the list when you'll see it right when you settle in.  Whenever and wherever this is.  (If you don't have this place/time, you should probably deal with that too.)

When you arrive at the moment of doingstuff-ness, do the things on your list.  

Like, before you check your email, or open up three thousand browser windows, or read this post.

Then if you fuck off for the rest of the day, well, so what. (Click HERE to Tweet)

I mean, not that I am giving you permission.  But...

The moral here that if you wait till morning, till you are "ready" to work, then you will have to spend too much delicious working time deciding what to work on.  If you have predetermined what needs your attention, then you are freed from that decision.  You are free to actually begin your day, rather than just consider beginning your day.  Action, babes.

You also have some super sweet forward motion, like, on a daily basis.

Attainable goals, we got you, bitches. (Click HERE to Tweet)