Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence Starting Today

I've been hearing a lot about confidence from a lot of different people.  I've got it about 80% of the time, I'd say.  I am lucky, but it also takes work.  Self doubt creeps in through old patterns.  Here are some simple (thought not always easy) things that you can do for a little confidence booster. 

1) Do One Special Thing For Yourself.

Treat Yourself. The bottom line is: You Deserve It.  No matter what, the essential nature of you a being is deserving  of honor.  Do something to honor yourself today.  Take a five minute walk and smell a flower.  Use a favorite cup for a glass of ice water- and take the time to slice a piece of fruit to put in it.  (I like the citrus cucumber one HERE.)  Book an appointment for a massage.  Whatever makes you know that you are unique and important and deserve special treatment.  Last night I got into bed at 8:30 with my computer, a big glass of ice water and a window fan.  What a treat to allow myself this early bedtime luxury!

2) Do One Thing You Don't Want To Do.

Have you heard of the concept of mastery? Mastering a task that is challenging for us, or that we don't want to do, sets off a biochemical chain reaction that bathes our brain in feel good hormones.  Mastering small tasks has been show to lower cortisol (a stress hormone) levels.  Thereby also reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.  It is a technique used often in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Training), but is a skill that can help anyone build confidence. 

3) Do One Thing For Someone Else

Saints everywhere know it.  Helping others makes us feel good.  And it causes a chain reaction of goodness across the land.  Pick up a postcard and sent a quick note to someone.  Donate to a charity, Kickstarter or Go Fund Me campaign.  Help someone reach something in the grocery store.  Do a chore that you know someone dislikes.  There are a multitude of tiny things that will help spread the love and make the world a better place.  It is even a business technique.  I visited with someone today who I really didn't want to see.  But it made them feel good.  I even let them touch my belly!

Feel better yet? We all need a confidence boost once in a while.  Try incorporating some of these thing into your life with increasing frequency and notice the shift in yourself.