I Miss, I Miss, I Miss (Because Being Self Employed is not ALWAYS the Bomb)

I miss high heels (I work from home you see). 

I miss the water cooler (cold, free-to-me crisp water, anytime). 

I miss being the right temperature for a man in a suit jacket (and stashing sweaters under my desk). 

I miss tech support (calling them, not being them). 

I miss take out for lunch (because I'm lazy).

I miss commuting (mmm, forced time and space). 

I miss direct deposit (weekly, biweekly, whatever). 

I miss thinking it's not my problem  (these days, it always is).'

I miss coworkers (even the nasty ones, I swear).

I miss weekends (WTF are those?) 

I miss paid time off, and sick days and subsidized heath insurance (seriously, they pay you to not work AND stay healthy).

I miss sexy underwear (seriously, what's the point?)

I miss corporate credit cards (someone else pays for something!)

I miss elevators (okay, maybe not so much). 

I miss empty trash cans  (every morning, yo!  Trash be gone like magic! And that shit is vacuumed too!)

I guess what i am saying is this so over said, but under appreciated thought, thanks Joni.



Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

— Joni Mitchell

And also, how can I make sexy underwear, ice water and vacations a bigger part of my life? 



 So for all of you "I-still-have-a-9-5-and-I-resent-it" this post is for you.  Breathe in the goodness and get your creative off on the side.