It Takes All Day To Peel The Carrots

These was the farmers market.  

There were the carrots and the parsnips and the brussel sprouts and the potatoes.  

All I had to do was buy them and scrub them for dinner.

How did the farmers do it?  How was there time in the day (they weren't blogging) to work the earth? How was there time (there was no Instagram) to haul the water?  How was there time (there were no smart phones) to finish all the chores before bed.

Let's not forget that this technological lifestyle we live is so, so, so, so, so, so new.  

Our brains are adapting to new advances so quickly.  We can't even begin to imagine the reality of it.  We are the generation of the BEFORE.  Before the Internet.  

When I was born, no one facebooked about it. It was private, but not lonely.  

My children will never know the world before the Internet.  They will never know how many books I used to read.  They will never know me without a gadget in my hands. They will never glory in the Dewey decimal system.  They will never have to pay for a long distance phone call. They won't miss, so deeply, someone's voice.  

There is so much connectedness.  It makes me tearful, this new world.  It makes me want to scoop them up and take them to a different place and time.  Take them somewhere simple. Take them to where technology won't sweep away their childhood. Their perceived innocence.  

I want to let their brains unfold without stuffing them full.  I want them to be bored.  I want them to go play. 

It's not even about parenting.  It is about ourselves and our humanity.  (Click to Tweet).

I know you feel it too.