A Maker and In Business: The Invocation of Balance.

Someone said the words to me last night: "You have to be a maker too."

At the beginning of things (things being this haphazard and awesome world I call my career/life) I was a MAKER.

I worked with my hands and in my brain, but with that part of my brain that wasn't linear.  I used that part of my brain that was spinning and on fire. That passionate and creative spark. I've still got it.  But it is a bit more buried these days.

You've gotta coax creativity sometimes. (Click to Tweet)

I love business. I love running a business and managing a business and all of those things involving numbers and goals and planning and marketing and making things for business BETTER.  Seriously, ask my clients,

I THRIVE on this shit.  

Need to help clarify your goals? Make a marketing plan?  Get some debt paid off?  Make more money?  I am your woman. Running my businesses and coaching others to run theirs more effectively is who I am.  I'd jump for joy at the opportunity to help you.

But. But. But. But. But.


I must make as well.  I must tap into that fluid place where color folds onto itself and shapes come into being.  And so must begin, 

the invocation of balance.

You should spend some time today thinking about how to find yours.