Things That Are Good, Neither or Really Shitty

Ladies and gentlemen (there are a select few of you, I hope).  This is it.  The introduction of my 


Once a week (on Fridays) I am going to be here, dishing the dish, full of links and critiques and my opinions – which Salt'n'Pepa taught me "...are like assholes and everybody's got one." (Side note, if you haven't listened to this this year, you should.)

So, THIS week's roundup:

  • This wall color.  I sweat the bravery, I sweat the color, I do not envy hanging art on it.  Ps. No one looks that good while painting (new thing to live up to.)

  • So since we are already talking about people looking awesome...I want to tell you how stinking awesome I look in this sweater.  Seriously.  I bought it in all three colors.  I am old.  It is official.  But I am happy.  So suck it. 

  • On the SHITTY list.  This terrible article about the grossest stuff you'll ever hear about. Seriously, if you want to quit, just quit.  If you want to smoke, just smoke.  Yuck to chemical poison.

  • If you do care about your body and you are ready for a spring (god, I hope) cleanse. The click here because this is the one you want.  The recipes OMG they make me want to cook!  
  • Loving THIS song.  Rosie Thomas. There is a reason it is on the "Sad Songs Channel" but seriously, major prettiness. 

That is, officially, all that is important in the world today.  Well, except for THIS granola I make weekly to feed my family.  Oh, and THIS calzone.  And THESE pork chops.

Happy Weekend.  I'm out