Moving Life

I know I am not the only one who loves moving.  But I really do.   I've been getting rid of stuff lately and now I am so excited to pare down even more and pack up.  

We were approved for our loan (our third, ohmygod) to buy the new blue house!   And we close (I think) in less than ten days.

Now on the agenda:  

  • Packing. (Yippee Yeah YEAH Yahoo!)
  • Fixing up our current place.  Want to come paint window trim for us?   Also, patching walls, cleaning, primping, making gorgeous.
  • Trying to rent our current apt.  See listing HERE.  And please, pass it around.
  • Taking care of two kids, running a few businesses, and wait, doing this all in the next two weeks! 
  • Is there something I am missing?   Like dreaming about stuff for the new house on etsy?
  • Oh, right, taking off the trim in the laundry room to get the washer out, switching the plug back to a euro to put in a different washer/dryer, getting the mason to come and re-tile the shower....crap!  Go, team, go!

And now, because you always look for this:

Mindfulness in Moving

Things to notice as you go: 

  1. SPACE.  Stop. Breathe it it, feel it around you.
  2. STUFF.  See your attachments.  Note them & move gently along. 
  3.  DECISIONS.  Yes, we all make them.  Trust yourself deeply.
  4.  TIME.  Things change.  We are always IN FLUX.  Breathe again.  Accept.
  5. CALM.  Even in the most harrowed moments, there are other moments within.  

Close your eyes and smile.  You CAN do this. 

Read more and read it here: