Because I'm Stuck and I Suck. 3 Ways to UNSTICK and Feel Less Sucky.

I am supposed to launch a whole series of these 30 minutes to... sessions in the END OF SEPTEMBER.  Who planned this? (I did. Oops).

Well, supposed to because I decided I would as part of my GRAND MASTER PLAN.  Well, and also because I have some people waiting patiently to sign up for them.  

But as per my usual style, I bit off quite a lot and then added a whole extra heap on top of that.  And every time I carve out time for working on these sessions I AM STUCK.  That's right.  Writer's block.  Idea freeze.  Brain mush.  Major distraction.  Thoughtless.  Sleepy.  Confused.  STUCK.  Like seriously-cannot-take-one-step-further STUCK.

Oh woe-is-me.  This isn't supposed to happen to me. Yeah, right.  I am perfect.  If I get stuck, then how am I supposed to UNSTICK others.  Hello!  Experience!  Self doubt, self doubt, insert a whole bunch of self doubt here.  Which, of course, makes it more sticky!

So, what do I do?  I back out gently.  I look over my shoulder.  I stop channeling the self doubt fairy.  I stop questioning.  I just stop and step backwards out of the hole.  Or just away from the hole.  Or just to the other side of the hole.  You know the feeling when you are digging yourself deeper.  Can you be brave enough to stop pushing against a boulder?  Can you respect yourself enough to back the fuck up?

So here's me.  Stuck and spiraling with it.   And here is what I did.  And here's where I am now:

1) REALIZE YOU ARE STUCK.  You might say it out loud, "whoops, there I go, beating a dead horse."  Or just write it out.  Admit it. I AM STUCK.  Then stop there – don't ask why, don't ask how to unstick.  Just NOTE it.  I am stuck.   Then shrug. And for fuck's sake don't start analyzing.  That's probably how you got here in the first place! OVERTHINK much?

2) BACK OUT / TIME OUT. You are not gonna write these session descriptions right now, Hannah.  Your attitude is piss poor and inefficient.  Go fold the laundry.  Go have a snack.  Go do ANYTHING ELSE.  Meditation would be good.  While you are doing that thing, please don't think that YOU SHOULD BE WRITING THOSE SESSION DESCRIPTIONS.  Back out of the task that got you here in the first place.  Take a shower.  You suck at this right now, and that's okay

3) RE-ENTER.  HEAD OPPOSITE.  Whatever you were doing, it wasn't working.  So, approach it from the other direction.  I was feeling uninspired and time pressured to launch these sessions.  So I ran harder, like a bull at the deadline.  Aaaand, that didn't work.  So, (after my realization of my stuckness and backing out of the task) I decided to do the opposite.  I'd launch these for yearend, not the end of September.  When I felt like rushing, I'd go slower.  So, if you are feeling slow – do the opposite and set a deadline and rush towards it.  What's the harm in trying a 180?  You just might find that the opposite approach gets you to the same goal.  Once I let off the pressure, the inspiration and joy began to flow back into my session descriptions. I am so excited to share them with you soon, but not as soon as I thought :)

So now, I am feeling good.  I am unstuck and I don't suck.  Try it for yourself.  Suck-less and flow.  I believe in you!

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