When You Just Don't Wanna:: Tips On How To Start, or not.

Stop procrastinating (Hannah), your desk doesn't have to be clean first.

It doesn't have to be quiet. 

You don't need it to be perfect.  

There is something called a beginning.  There is something called good enough.

When you or I wrestle with beginning something, or continuing something, or just picking up the damn toys off the floor we meet one of our biggest teachers.  That teacher is RESISTANCE.  It says:  

I don't want to get up.

I don't want to make dinner.  

I don't want to do this job.  

I don't want to clean up my toys.

I don't want to pay my bills.

I don't wanna!  

We all say it, in one way or another (it doesn't have to be with words). Dads say it. Executives say it.  Even yogis say it.  My dog says it.  The weather says it.

Got a case of the "I don't wanna's" ?  Here is a quick guide to meeting that feeling and moving on:

  • admit your resistance: Well, hello again resistance to making supper.  Fancy meeting you here at suppertime.
  • weigh reality: Do I really have to make supper tonight, or is there another, better option?
  • reframe it: Instead of  hating on the making, love on the action of nourishing your body.
  • make it sweeter: While I do this, I'll listen to my new favorite song.
  • reward yourself: When I am done, there will be chocolate.
  • breathe: Inhale, exhale, repeat.